Wednesday 9 December 2009


This was the title scene and one of the first things i did at Bildbad as a large collaboration.I made several bits- the style had to be this hand sketched look and i couldnt get it right. it took was interesting to see how it all stitched together- how the crossover key frames came together - we each worked between these keys. i have a few scenes, alot of the hands are mine- actually photos of my hands- the bit after the crane with all the fire - i did most of that the lady blowing up into a balloon was a bit tricky but it worked was all meant to be a bit sketchy and messy. interesting and i learned loads of stuff about the end you can see the stick men that we drew in such a horribly labourious way- it could all have been so much easier..

Tuesday 10 November 2009

The little professor

these 2 little animations were made by all of us, it was one of the first things i did at Bildbad. I designed several "little professors" the client chose one and changed him a bit. The professor was meant to be making a special wooden building block that would replace bricks- hollow wood stacking blocks that are filled with earth that were safer, quicker to build etc...these were little advert for the block using this little character and his funny little friends- check out the nose sizes to indicate which one is the wise one and which the unbeliever. The animation is ok and we made a few more too. I like the little professor....