Wednesday 2 November 2011

Hi... finally sorted out my website- you might have got here from there- i clunked together a basic html/css layout with 2 different javascript galleries- i think it looks nice and simple...have a look at amyfotos as well...i made it with another javascript gallery

Friday 28 October 2011

There is a Gulf

So this was a video I created for Good Frames. Frank let me do anything i liked so i wanted to include these things: The sea, A cute rabbit and duck, rain, and a monster who exacts revenge, all wrapped up in a cyclical narrative that hit the 3 peaks of the song. After a few little tests it came out like this...nice waves...(there are several versions online- this is for my vimeo channel- Frank has it on his channel also and on Youtube). Check out his music here and here and watch out for Sweat Mercury....

Thursday 2 June 2011


Hi guys - So i worked as an intern for these lovely chaps at Multiverso for a few months. I helped design a few avatars for the game- bear, ballerina and pirate - and made a few short films too. Have a look at the game and check out the films i made: "schwartze loecher" and "schwerelosigkeit" All in Flash, no AE...

Be the one

I entered a competition to create a video for a Moby track. Made in less than a week- sadly it didnt win...

Showreel 2011

Heres a little showreel i put together from a few bits and pieces i have worked on in the last few years here. Music by everything everything "Photoshop handsome".

Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Octopus and Pangolin tests

The Octopus and Pangolin is a little poem I wrote which I am currently illustrating.
Here is one of the watercolour, pencil and gouache tests for one of the frames. I am trying a new technique with inks - so will put more later... More images available on Illustration link on the right >>>

A Curious Thing

Lets Begin: I made this about 3 years ago - it was an introduction to Flash and After Effects- it has lovely music by Satie. Influences range from Gorey to Cordell Barker. What becomes of the Curious Thing?