Sunday, 19 August 2012

JaJa NeeNee

I made this video based on Ren and Stimpy- see the intro card and slight grossness- and old Hanna Barbera cartoons. These characters dont have to do as much and so are alot simpler than Ren/ Stimpy but i like them- the animation was simplified due to time contraints- i think it took about 6 weeks: little bit of research, characters, storyboard/story, animation- compositing, adding sound effect. Research was aided by JohnK's blog check it out for a great running history of animation. The band just wanted a crazy idea for the video so i had a little think and this popped up. The guitar sounded a bit like it was being played in the wilderness... i tried to fit a few things around the lyrics and the idea of having the guy use the roadkill to make music for him came up and developed...i like the penguin... check out the Buzzdees website...

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