Sunday 6 July 2014

ZDF Samwer Brüder

This was a lovely job making a few animations for Kai and Jutta. The show was about 3 brothers and i made a few little character animations to add into the larger animations that Jutta was compositing on AE.
Here is a link to the show if you can view that then i have 5 pieces:
Brothers smoking and getting set to run- 4.20
Brother come out of the hole - 7.20
Again brother climb out of whole and the guy looks at the sign 18.30
and last the woman screaming - 26.30
i created the woman and blonde guy characters and all the side views of the brothers smoking but it all came from a few drawings from Jutta. i just redesigned characters based on these drawings. the above link to the whole show may not be working outside Germany so i have embeded a short clip showing the brother smoking...

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